FUSE TSANG (b. 1990, Hong Kong) is a graphic designer who works mostly on editorial projects and exhibitions.

Books, information graphics, exhibition graphics and visual communication in general, are the usual outputs of her design practice. She looks for ways to build a creative information structure for the given subject matters and content, to give relevancy to the contemporary we are living in, and if possible to propose alternative viewing.

Tsang graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, BA Design in Visual Communication. She started out as a book designer who focused on the local publishing scene and was later invited to join the Editorial Department of Fabrica, the communication research center of Benetton, to work on various visual culture researches and photographic projects, then in Gallerie delle Prigioni for research and graphic design for exhibitions. She is now working as a freelance designer, feel free to contact her for commission and collaboration.

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Multisystem calendar for Hong Kong
When living in pandemic becomes our new normal, one feels like the change of time is no longer marked by season or year but a shorter cycle called “wave”.  I started to question how relevant are the format of daily objects to the contemporary context we are living in, and this multisystem is my very first proposal to it: to renew the compositing elements of a calendar and the visual representation of a so-called “year”.

The calendar integrates four sets of system used by different communities in Hong Kong—the Gregorian, the Chinese, the Islamic and the Hindu, unified by the moon phrases, all on one single sheet. In order to include the new year day of all four systems (like the Islamic one that starts in July), the calendar covers from 1st Jan 2022 to 19th July 2023.

For a city with 92% chinese population, the Gregorian and the Chinese one are  commonly used together, while the other two play important parts in the religious and economic activities in the city. This complex chart emphasis the parallel presence of communities and their sense of time, which are a part of the historical development and the characteristics of the city that usually be neglected. 

First sold in BOOKED 2021 artbook fair with Union Publisher, some copies are still available (you can drop me a message by email).

Risography print by flip and roll.

Sources of research: The Hong Kong Observatory, Islamic Union of Hong Kong, The Hindu Association.