FUSE TSANG (b. 1990, Hong Kong) is a graphic designer who works mostly on editorial projects and exhibitions.

Books, information graphics, exhibition graphics and visual communication in general, are the usual outputs of her design practice. She looks for ways to build a creative information structure for the given subject matters and content, to give relevancy to the contemporary we are living in, and if possible to propose alternative viewing.

Tsang graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, BA Design in Visual Communication. She started out as a book designer who focused on the local publishing scene and was later invited to join the Editorial Department of Fabrica, the communication research center of Benetton, to work on various visual culture researches and photographic projects, then in Gallerie delle Prigioni for research and graphic design for exhibitions. She is now working as a freelance designer, feel free to contact her for commission and collaboration.

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It won’t be too small: zine party
graphic, event organisation

Supported by local independent bookstore and publisher, Kubrick, It won’t be too small zine party and exhibition is a pop-up event during Kubrick’s participation in Hong Kong Book Fair 2013.

The event is initiated with a desire to respond to the venue and the very context of Hong Kong book fair, which has been considered a garage sale or outlet for big mainstream publishers for years. From copywriting, press contact, event identity to the selection of publication, the event proposes an alternative idea of what "publishing" can be, in terms of content, production methods and aesthetics. We collects self-published materials around the world, especially from the Chinese-speaking regions, not only to exemplify what the event’s name suggested, but also to introduce this new wave of creative activities to the local readers.

An online archive is also set up to document the opening night (sadly after years it is pulled off). Written sharing from local participants and news archive from the 90s are presented alongside, in an attempt to reconstruct the development of self-publishing scene in the city.